Buying your next or first used saddle online? Guide on how to choose the right one

Buying your next or first used saddle online? Guide on how to choose the right one

There is a great variety of saddles on , choosing can be difficult sometimes. Keep in mind that we are always around to help.  If  you have any hesitation don’t hesitate to ask us.

There is a contact us link at the bottom right of the window that allows you to send us a message at any time, and of course, during regular office hours, don’t hesitate to call us.

To pick the right saddle, it’s all about narrowing down the choices.  The use of the filters helps identifying your main needs.  

As lots in life, for many matters, it starts with budgeting:

1- Choosing the price range in the filters is the first thing to do.

2- Then select the discipline

3- The type of saddle prefered ( double flap vs mono flap )

4- Then comes the sizes of seat available.  

It’s good to know that it’s best to have a little bit too much room than not enough.  Very often, we have a tendency to choose a seat that are slightly too small.  Don’t hesitate to select something that attracts your attention that would be ½ inch too big.    

Going through those 4 filters will give you a panel of choices.  

Now it’s about browsing though those choices to find the flaps that would suit you best and what would be adapted for the horse(s) you ride.  Most of the saddle fits we offer are standard.

We give you the dot to dot measurement.  It mostly goes from 4” being the narrowest to 5” widest.  4.5 is the most average width.  

Understanding what you can get for your money is an element that is going to give you confidence in your purchase.

There are a few price categories of saddles available.  

High-end saddles, can start around $4,500 for the newest ones to about $2000 for the oldest ones.  

A budget between  4500 and 3500 you will get most recent high end saddle with low milage.

$3500 to $2500 will get you those that have 5 to 10 years since their manufacture, but still in very good to excellent condition because of moderate use and/or good maintenance.

Most Mid-end saddles, will price between $3000 to $1000

These prices are for saddles that don’t need repairs (or that already have been) and that are at least in good condition.

They price according to the state of use and the year of manufacture.  

Remember that we offer 7 days trial on all our saddles.  From the day you get it, you have 7 days to actually make sure it’s the right match.  For any reason if the saddle is not working for you, let us know.  We will organise with you the return for exchange for another trial or for a refund.


  • Avatar
    Mary Faraone
    avril 5, 2017

    I have an old Butet Saumur saddle with the stamp L16 1 101694 5 It has tears in the knee roll leather and cording. I'm wondering what the stats and age of this saddle are and if it is worth repair. I'm going to be at Rolex this year and wondered if you are going to have a booth there. If so would I be able to get an estimate on repair if I brought it..Thank youMary

    • Avatar
      Rikki T.
      avril 7, 2017

      Hello Mary!I would be more than happy to take a look at the saddles condition and serial code through a series of photos, simply to ensure it is a 1994 L model 16" seat Flap 1. Please send the photos to my email for further review, Rikki@equitack.comWe will be attending Rolex this year at booth 27 next to Voltaire Design! We are very excited to have a presence at this show and the opportunity to meet our customers. We would greatly enjoy a visit and are happy to provide a repair estimate via email or at the booth, whichever is of more convenience to you!Have a beautiful day, Rikki T. Equitack

  • Avatar
    David Brad
    mars 21, 2020

    I own an old Butet Saumur saddle with the stamp L16 1 101694 5 It has tears in the knee move calfskin and cording. I'm considering what the details and age of this seat are and in the event that it is worth fix. I will be at Rolex this year and thought about whether you will have a stall there. In the event that so would I have the option to get a gauge on fix on the off chance that I brought assignment

  • Avatar
    mars 23, 2020

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