Saddle Consignment Prequalification Form

Thank you for considering us in regards to our consignment program!

To initiate the consignment process for your saddle, we need to evaluate photos of the saddle, including shots of the flaps, seat, billets, any blemishes or damages, and most importantly, the serial number beneath the flap. This will enable us to provide you with an estimated price point and determine the market value of your saddle. Kindly ensure that these photos are taken in a well-lit area to facilitate a thorough assessment.
Feel free to submit these photos through our website or directly to We look forward to assisting you in the consignment of your saddle.

Benefits of consigning with Equitack include:

  • Access to our nationwide, established clientele
  • Your saddle displayed on our website and social media platform w/detailed description
  • Your saddle represented by our knowledgeable staff of saddle specialists
  • Free online saddle fitting services - Our saddle specialists will help customers during the saddle fitting process when your consignment is out on trial
  • Clients across the country can be matched to your saddle when they email us their information or call our office (Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm EST)
  • Saddle detailing & repair services to keep your saddle in the premium condition
  • Your saddle will be protected by a complete credit card charge at all times, whether it is in our office, on trial, or in transit

Our consignment fee is 30%

Step 1: Fill Out the Application - In order for us to consign your saddle, please fill out our consignment application to the best of your ability.

Step 2: Receive Authorization to Send Your Saddle - Our saddle specialists will review your application and let you know if we have a market for your saddle. Any saddle coming in without authorization may be returned at the owner's expense.

Step 3: Once your saddle has been approved we will provide the shipping address and instructions for your consignment saddle.

Pricing: Our prices are according to market value and our price guideline, which is what we will refer to when providing a confirmed selling price for your saddle. You are welcome to suggest a selling price point, as you are the owner of the saddle.

Safety Checks: Please note that Equitack does check every saddle that is shipped into our office for broken/twisted trees, thinning or cracked billets, loose stitching, and other possible blemishes that would make the saddle unsafe. In the event that your saddle has a problem that can be fixed to make it usable again, we will call you to find out if you would like to have it repaired. If the tree is broken or the saddle is unsafe and cannot be repaired, the saddle will be returned to you. You are welcome to call or email to receive a repair quote prior to sending your saddle in for consignment.