• Amerigo


    Amerigo saddles are used by top professionals all over the world, and in all possible disciplines. Wherever, and whenever performance matters, Amerigo is there, to be found in competition arenas around the world day after day. Our riders know that they can rely on their saddles to help them achieve those vital clear ounds, those extra percentage points, and save those essential seconds. The knowledge gained over 20 years of designing top class saddles, has gone into the creation of the Amerigo saddle line. A saddle line created for performance, developed to work with your horses' natural biomechanics and optimise your horses' true potential, and made individually in Italy from only the finest materials.

  • Antarès


    In 2000, Antarès established his workshop in Saintes, France, where they create both luxurious and high technology saddles.

    Driven by performance and the search for excellence, they conduct research with world-recognized equine health professionals and partner with international riders (World Champions and Olympians), in all equestrian disciplines. Their methods, knowledge and unique technology continue to evolve through their shared and passionate experience, so they can provide both horse and rider the ultimate performance. Antarès team of saddle-makers, engineers, and sales representatives is the best in their profession.

  • Butet


    An amateur rider at a young age, FrédéricButet has always been close to horses. After training as a farrier his career began by chance when he was employed in a riding saddlery. He stayed for 10 years beginning in the workshop before moving into sales.

    In 1985 he decided to start his own workshop in Saumur. The Butet saddle adventure began on the French market he knew well and very quickly in 1986 the first saddles were exported. Each year since then we export to new countries making our distribution world-wide. 

  • Childeric


    Because our saddle trees have been designed by our research department in a large choice of sizes and shapes, we are able to customize your saddle to your horse's exact specifications. 

    In association with equine osteopaths and veterinarians that are equipped with pads to measure pressure points, we then develop panels for our saddles that give the best distribution of support for your horse.

  • County Saddles

    County Saddles

    Country of Origin Established since Tree made of Panels made of Prices ranges Manufacturer Warranties Produces Overall Comments
    England 1978 Wood Wool Mid - - -
  • Custom Saddlery

    Custom Saddlery

    Country of Origin Established since Tree made of Panels made of Prices ranges Manufacturer Warranties Produces Overall Comments
    United States - Wood Wool High - - -
  • CWD


    Craftsmen CWD is passed on the gestures of yesterday with the same passion of the good work. Every day, their saddlers polish up and repeat their patient and precise gestures. The knack is again the surest of tools to make our saddles and all the required equipment.

    However, to immortalize a know-how, it also is to live with his time and to dare to renew him and to innovate him. Because saddler's job evolves, CWD knows how to enrich him by new techniques and modern materials of quality as the composite thanks to his workshop" technology ".

  • Darroze
  • Delgrange


    Fine materials, stringent requirements and technical mastery are the foundations of Bruno Delgrange’s quality. Since 1976, the Delgrange brand has thus trained its own master saddlers to sublimate the finest materials to create exceptional products. Bruno Delgrange draws his inspiration from the horses themselves, giving free rein to his creativity to make products which are ever closer to you. The Delgrange brand strives to make all its saddles in France, in its workshop dedicated exclusively to manufacturing Bruno Delgrange products.

  • Devoucoux


    Devoucoux is wholeheartedly dedicated to the partnership between horse and rider, and has been working to promote it since 1985.

    Our saddles and accessories require the expertise of six different trades (master crafts) within the saddlery profession, all of them central to our workshops in the Pays Basque. Cutting, preparing, assembling, putting together, machine stitching and hand stitching result in a harmonious balance – a constantly evolving savoir-faire that gives our models elegance, expertise and comfort. Innovative by nature, we have no qualms about pairing up the latest technology with craftsmanship. Whether for D3D panels or vegetal leather, we are constantly investing so that our leading world products remain so and our novelties become so. This is our way of making passion last.

  • E. Jeffries Saddlery

    E. Jeffries Saddlery

    Jeffries is one of the best-known names in the horse-world, renowned for quality and reliability.

    Whether the world of the horse is your pleasure or your profession you will know the name Jeffries.

    We are a team of over 55 people who have the passion and the skills to manufacture high quality equestrian products. We always strive to offer excellence in the functional and aesthetic design of saddlery and riding equipment.

  • Equipe


    Over twenty years’ experience in the equestrian sector, attention to quality, technical perfection and care for detail, together with a constant commitment to Research and Development, are the combination which has always accompanied Selleria Equipe on its road to growth, ensuring the success of its saddles wordlwide.

  • ErrePlus


    Roberto Rasia works for 28 years in the equestrian world. After 25 years to Prestige Italia Spa, whose research and development division he managed during 15 years, he then decided to take advantage his long-time experience and to transfer his technical knowledge in an ambitious project: Erreplus Saddlery Srl. It is the name of its new company, but above all it is experts' team in the sector of the riding that listens carefully what the rider and the horse tell them, transforming these knowledge into absolutely innovative saddles.

  • Forestier


    Since 1950, the Maison Forestier has put all of their vast knowledge into developing the best saddlery equipment.

    Quality and longevity have always been the key points for all Forestier creations, whether they are custom saddles, training saddles or accessories.

  • Hervé Godignon

    Hervé Godignon

    Hervé Godignon, or the meeting of a rider and a big mark both in the service of a high-level sport!

    For more than 20 years, Hervé Godignon associates his name with all the products of a range which did not stop developing, perfecting and diversifying as the seasons go by of competition ...

  • Meyer


    From the strength of their considerable experience of the equestrian world, Jean-François Meyer and Emile Goré designed the Meyer saddle in collaboration with veterinarians and top riders, in particular Phillipe Rozier and Eric Navet. This saddle resolves the problems previously encountered in adapting the saddle to the equine back.
    Unique and innovative, Meyer saddles are the subject of permanently ongoing research. The design of the tree, and the shape and positioning of the panels allow total freedom of the horse's shoulders and maximum comfort in the withers. Wide and high support frees up the spine. This design creates optimum conditions for proper functioning of the horse's back.

    For riders, it provides comfort, technique, and balance.
    It is appropriate for pleasure and competition riders who are concerned with the well-being of their horses.

    Meyer saddles are made in France with French leathers and trees. The models are registered in order to guarantee their technical advantage.

  • Passier
  • Prestige


    The tree in Prestige saddles has been designed to adapt perfectly to the horse and to maintain the best seat for the rider. Made of a special mix of fibres, it is at least 1 kg lighter than traditional saddles and needs no metal reinforcement.
    This saddle has advantages over those made of natural materials, like wood.
    Though wood is elastic, it still has “life” in it. For this reason as atmospheric conditions change and the years go by the characteristics of the wood change, becoming less stable and less resistant.
    The Prestige tree, on the other hand, was purpose designed to provide the same elasticity as one made of wood while, at the same time, ensuring maximum stability over time. It is no chance matter that it offers a lifetime’s guarantee, except in the case of an accident.
    In addition, the width of a Prestige saddle can always be altered. It can be narrowed or widened, depending on the shape of the horse, without having to take the saddle apart. For this reason even when the shape of the horse changes the product remains usable.

  • Silver Crown

    Silver Crown

    Bridles, Breastplates, Martingales and Accessories

  • Stubben


    Country of Origin Established since Tree made of Panels made of Prices ranges Manufacturer Warranties Produces Overall Comments
    Germany - Wood Wool Mid - - -

  • Voltaire Design

    Voltaire Design

    Innovative and decidedly chic, Voltaire Design specializes in upscale custom saddles. Recognizable by our blue striped gullet, Voltaire Design saddles are made in France with the finest French leathers and are infinitely customizable. Created in 2010 in the idyllic French town of Espelette, the brand opted to launch first in the United States. As sponsor of the Winter Equestrian Festival in 2011, Voltaire Design has become a huge success and is quickly becoming a must-have across the Atlantic. The Made in France promise, and technical aspects of our products quickly attracted some of the greatest American riders, including double Olympic champion Beezie Madden and the legendary Bruce Davidson. With its success in the U.S., the brand then conquered other major countries in the equestrian world such as Germany, England, and of course, France.